• March - We have now placed a Bulk Reinsurance Lineslip Facility 100% at Lloyd's for Personal Accident, Travel and Medical Expenses, Worldwide excluding USA and Canada. Cover is for EUR 3m anyone insured person and EUR 9m anyone Accident Event.
  • Kay has renewed its Property Reinsurance Facility with limit of USD 5m with Polish Re "A" rated by A.M. Best.
  • February - We have removed "Libya" from the list of excluded Countries under our Property Binder.
  • We are now able to insure Group Life and Medical Schemes with Maximum limit USD 500,000 anyone individual - under our binder for MENA, CIS, CEE
  • We have added USD 1m property owners and tenanted Liability Cover to our Property Binder
  • We are pleased to inform the market that we in Jan 2019 have placed 20 treaties for 4 cedants for the following classes: Property & Engineering, Marine, Motor, Political Violence/Terrorism, Medical, Miscellaneous Accident, Bonds, Credit, Micro Finance and Crop Treaty.
  • January - We are pleased to inform you that as from 1st January 2019 we have renewed our UK Property Facility with limit of £5m.
  • Kay has from 1st January 2019 secured a facility to accept Motor Physical Loss and Damage Quota Share Treaties and Facultative Motor Reinsurance risks as well as Property and Engineering risks for MENA, CIS and CEE.

Limits are:

  1. Vehicles valued over USD $25,000 up to USD $500,000 any one vehicle
  2. Property and Engineering limit up to USD $5,000,000 any one risk based on PML.




  •  November - We in conjunction with Kay International AMEA (DIFC Dubai) have secured a facility/Capacity from Travelers at Lloyd's "A" rated reinsurer to accept:

1. Construction All Risks (CAR) and Third Party Liability.

2. Erection All Risks (EAR) and Third Party Liability. Our line will be USD 25,000,000 on any one event per declaration. We can accept risks located in or emanating from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

  • October - We are pleased to announce that we have a worldwide facility to write Tour Operators Liability Insurance/Reinsurance with a "A" rated carrier. Limit up to USD3m per risk
  • June - We are pleased to announce that Swiss Re has given us USD 50m binding facility to write Contractors Plant and Equipment (CPE), Construction All Risks (CAR), Erection All Risks (EAR) and Third Party Liability with a limit of USD2m.
  • The risk must be located in  Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and Turkey.

  • May - We have obtained a new Bind Authority Line slip from an “A” rated carrier to write up to £2m property (material Damage) including Consequential Loss and Property Owners Liability with a Limit of £2m – Risks location should in the UK

  • Kay has a new facultative reinsurance line slip facility with Polish Re "A" rated Reinsurer - Limit is USD5m per risk following a recognised "A" rated leader. The areas that we can accept risks are CIS and Central Eastern Europe.
  • Kay has obtained a new facility for UK Commercial Property with £5m limit per risk. The security is Ergo (100% owned by Munich Re).
  • We are pleased to announce as from 1st January 2018, we have secured a new Commercial Property Facility backed by a major International Reinsurance Company. The Capacity we can write is up to USD 15,000,000 line (following a recognised A’ rated lead) on Large Industrial and Commercial risks covering Property & Engineering. The Territorial areas we can cover are CIS (Commonwealth of Independent states), CEE (Central & Eastern Europe), Middle East, Middle Asia and Africa


  • Kay renewed its professional Indemnity Binding Authority facility with Amtrust, limit is £5m per occurrence.
  • Kay renewed it's Marine Cargo Facility with Markel as security cover is USD 5m per shipment (Worldwide)


Kay agreed to franchise its name to Kay International AMEA, Londongate holds 10% minority holding in the Company. Kay handles the reinsurance of the operation at Lloyd's.


  • The Insurance Review - Interview with Kay International Chairman Brian Salmanpour click here.
  • Kay Sold its UK direct insurance property portfolio to GB Underwriting in order to concentrate on its International Reinsurance portfolio.
  • Mr Walid Sidani has joined the Board of Kay. Mr Sidani was the CEO of Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)
  • Kay signed a cooperation agreement with Istanbul Underwriting Center (IUC) to handle the reinsurance business of IUC at Lloyd's.


  • Kay is pleased to announce that we have commenced a new partnership with GIC Re 'AM Best A Rated' which mandates Kay to develop a portfolio of international facultative risks including property and marine accounts and the facility is a binder with GIC Re to write fortune 1000 companies in the US and in the EU.
  • Kay reached an 8000 client base under its binder for UK and International property, Professional Indemnity, General Liability and Marine Cargo.
  • Kay has also got its Lloyd's broking License as well as being an approved Lloyd's Coverholder.


  • Kay opened its rep office in Romania.


Kay placed a Retro Reinsurance facility program with Fairfax Group to underwrite Retro Excess of Loss worldwide. 



Kay placed the marine cargo reinsurance program for NIOC oil shipments at Lloyd's.


  • Kay reached the 5,000 threshold of 5,000 client base.

  • Kay place a Quota Share motor binding authority program at Lloyd's for CIS and Middle East.


Kay placed a political unrest cover for the SME companies in Gambia for Londongate Gambia Ins Co.


  • Kay arranged a reinsurance private Medical treaty program for the first time with Hanover Re for London Yerevan Ins Co and London Bishkek Ins Co, part of Londongate Group covering Armenian and Kyrgyz Local population.

  • Kay was instrumental in placing a global marine Cargo facility for Atlantic Londongate in Mauritiania, a part of Londongate Group of companies.


Kay places a facility for Azeri Custom at Lloyd's to cover non payment of import duty tax for goods going across in Azerbaijan, the cedant was Londongate Azerbaijan part Londongate Group, a company established by Brian Salmanpour.


Kay places a contract frustration cover at Lloyd's for Gazprom on behalf of Anglo Russia Insurance company established by Brian Salmanpour - Premium to Lloyd's was in excess of USD 20M.


Kay places a unique facility at Lloyd's, to insure cleaning up the ash that resulted from the volcanic eruption of Mountain Pinatubo in Philippines.


  • Kay places a reinsurance facility at Lloyd's, insuring Uzbek cotton shipments worldwide on behalf of Anglo Tashkent insurance company owned by Brian Salmanpour.
  • Kay enters the China Market.


Kay places exclusive facility at Lloyd's to insure Carnet policies in Romania on behalf of Anglo Roman insurance Company owned by Brian Salmanpour.


Kay places unique Unoccupied facility at Lloyd's - Underwriting 90 risks per day.


Kay becomes Lloyd's Coverholder - places its first Marine Cargo Binder at Lloyds.


Kay created a unique and exclusive life policy for the UK market – the policyholder pays the premium for 10 years after 10 years, the total investment is returned to the policyholder but the life cover continued until age 65 - General Accident Ins Co and American Life Ins Co jointly wrote the scheme for Kay.


Kay reaches 500 clients. 


Kay International was established in the UK by Brian Salmanpour.