About Us

About Us

Success based on strength, security and service

Kay International is an independent authorised, regulated insurance underwriting agency based in London and at Lloyds. Founded in 1980, our highly respected company delivers exceptional products and bespoke schemes to a diverse range of clients in the UK and overseas. Kay International is renowned for focusing on markets that are either ignored by large brokers or regarded as too challenging by others.

Renowned for being a company that thinks outside the box, Kay International has developed long-term and rewarding relationships with clients based on trust, expertise, niche products and value for money.

Global Cover

Kay International enjoys the benefits of having common shareholders in the Londongate Insurance Management Group (www.londongate.co.uk). The Group has offices and operations in Banjul, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Nouakchott, Yerevan,  Hong Kong, Romania, Dubai and Iran. (Dormant at present)

The countries shown here are the areas where we specialise but we are keen to develop new relationships and specialise in all parts of the world.

UK Headquarters

Still at the heart of the company is London, where the head office is located. Situated at the centre of the global insurance market, we remain close to both Lloyd's of London and the London Underwriting Centre.

Additionally, Kay International is a founding member of The Managing General Agent's Association in the UK, an FCA registered broker and Underwriting Agency and Cover holder at Lloyd's. Furthermore, Kay is permitted to conduct open market business at Lloyds as well as place delegated underwriting authority business on behalf of approved coverholders with the Lloyds's market.